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Get Back to the Table

Get Back to the Table

Mealtimes in many homes consists of dinner on a tray in front of the TV. To help combat this couch potato' dining Nathan supported Back to The Table Week in a bid to get families regularly eating together around the table.

Most people lead really hectic lives and it can often be quite an effort to get every member of the family to sit down for a meal a day. Long work days and hobbies can pull everyone in different directions. For this reason, people are talking and getting together less than ever, and relationships within families can suffer as a result. 

Back to the Table Week is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of eating together as a family. This year the emphasis is on family meals and how cooking traditional suppers can help stretch family budgets. Dr Pat Spungin, founder of Back to the Table Week says: The family eating around the table is a symbol of togetherness and bonding. A Back to the Table survey found that 85 of respondents said the most effective way to improve family relationships was to eat together regularly.

Family values are still firmly at the root of Nathan who recognise the importance of a family sitting down together and the significance of Back to The Table Week.

Andrew Cochrane, Managing Director of Nathan says: A dining table is an important investment and its important you choose one that fits your home and lifestyle as you will then be more likely to use it The Shades dining sets offer style flexibility that means they will fit into most peoples homes and we are confident that there is something in the range that will suit any house. Some of the best family memories are made whilst sitting together at the dinner table.

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