How to Buy Furniture

How to Buy Furniture

How to Buy Furniture

Nathan's latest advice on things to consider when buying dining room furniture.

Make sure you can inspect the quality and finish of the furniture before you buy.

Make sure you are armed with the detailed dimensions of your room before you shop.

Think about how you are going to use your dining room; do you need lots of storage for your crockery, table mats and glasses? Do you have a dinner service that you like to display in a cabinet? Do you need an extendable table for entertaining to give you that flexibility when entertaining? 

If you are buying dining chairs then sit in the chair for some time. You will want your guests to linger over dinner conversation, so make sure that the chair is comfortable for a longer period of time. It should be wide enough for your guests to be comfortable. The chair should support the back and allow you to keep your feet on the floor.

Don't underestimate the importance of quality of manufacture. A well constructed piece of furniture will last a lifetime.

Make sure the furniture has all the qualities to make it last. Don't be afraid to ask what materials are used. 

Don't forget the smaller details, such as doors handles and fabrics for seat pads. A good quality retailer will have plenty of choice for you to choose from. Those finishing touches will make all the difference. 

If you want to have a consistent look to your furniture then consider if it will be possible to come back and add other pieces in the same style at a later date. The best branded furniture ranges will often have the most longevity. Ask how long a range has been available for and if there are any plans for it to be discontinued.

For that extra peace of mind, choose from a reputable local retailer who knows and understands furniture and can give you good expert advice and professional service.

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