Fresh New Look for Upholstery

Fresh New Look for Upholstery

Fresh New Look for Upholstery

Nathan's new partnership in upholstery beautifully captures the current trend for 1950’s styling.

Nathan has teamed up with London design house MissPrint to offer their gorgeous contemporary fabrics across Nathan's upholstery. 

Yvonne and Rebecca Drury, the team behind MissPrint are inspired by nature, mid-century design and Scandinavian style, their patterns perfectly complement the silhouette of Nathan’s furniture. The first design to be used is MissPrint’s dramatic ‘Dandelion Mobile’ which features illustrations inspired by wild growing dandelions.

Established in 2005, MissPrint produce beautifully designed, contemporary fabrics and wallpapers originating from hand drawn illustrations, all printed and produced in England. They have collaborated with various companies on design projects such as a stationery range for WH Smith. 

Nathan’s upholstery is designed to complement its expanding cabinet collections including the award dinning teak Citadel 21. 

Yvonne Drury from MissPrint added "Trends come and go, and then come around again, each time with a different slant. Our designs have a mid-century feel, but like Nathan our style is contemporary classic and as such timeless design."

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