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Less is Always More…

Less is Always More…

Here at Nathan we love Christmas… although we are more Julie Andrews than Julie Goodyear (aka Bet Lynch), adoring the simplicity of ‘Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens’ and ‘Brown paper packages tied up with string’ than anything too garish, plastic or disposable.

“Using natural products from your garden or foraged on a walk in your Christmas decorations is a great way of continuing the age old tradition of bringing the beauty of the outdoors, inside. It is also eco-friendly and utterly on point style wise,” explains Victoria Alderson, Nathan’s Interior Stylist.

Holly, ivy, conifer and mistletoe might be the tried and tested favourites, however Victoria recommends keeping an eye out for sprigs of other green foliage such as eucalyptus and pussy willow. She is also a big fan of adding texture through the addition of Pampas grass and dried hydrangea.

“You don’t need to be a whizz at flower arranging to create something really special with Pampas,” says Victoria. “The easiest place to start is to simply add some stalks of this statement plant, cut straight from the garden, to a vase. It will naturally dry out like this inside.

“With the addition of a little glitter spray or sprinkle and some sprigs of eucalyptus for a contrast of colour and texture, you have a beautiful Christmas table centrepiece.”

For those with a little bit more time and creative flair, a wreath or mantle or sideboard arrangement is the perfect next step. (To watch Victoria’s step by step video reel of how to make a Pampas mantle or sideboard arrangement visit: @nathanfurniture1916) Teak, with its warm, golden, tight grained finish is the perfect canvas for all pops of colour, from strong, dark greens to the soft pearlescent pastels of Pampas and dried hydrangea.

For the brave, a Pampas and hydrangea ‘cloud’ is the ultimate statement decoration – perfect for Christmas and beyond.

“Ensure your hydrangeas have been cut, tied together and hung upside down in a cool dry place for a week or so to dry out before starting your project and also make sure you have lots and lots of Pampas,” emphasises Victoria.

“The best technique is to wrap some chicken wire around a foam flower oasis and then connect it to a length of cane via a piece or strong string or fishing wire, which you need to then suspend between two chairs whilst you work on the cloud. Keep adding long sprigs of Pampas all around the oasis, along with other contrasting foliage of your choice to build up texture and colour. You can also add hairspray to the Pampas to stop its soft, fluffy leaves from shedding.

“Your beautiful finished ‘cloud’ will be a thing of nature and beauty and the perfect accessory or decoration to compliment your favourite piece of Nathan furniture.”

For further inspirational style points visit: @nathanfurniture1916