Perfect Christmas Dining

Perfect Christmas Dining

  Perfect Christmas Dining

If extra dinner guests at Christmas send you reaching for the patio chairs and trestle tables then maybe its time you invested in a stylish extending dining table and chairs that can grow with your needs and seat your guests in style.

The recently launched teak Shades range from Nathan Furniture offers an extending dining table that when opened out completely can comfortably seat up to 10 people so no more squashed elbows

Choose from two superb designs for the matching chairs, either the classic ladderback option or the more luxurious upholstered back chairs, available in a choice of fabrics. A range of stylish sideboards and display cabinets are also available to complete the setting, perfect for storing away that special crockery.

Andrew Cochrane, Managing Director of Nathan says, Most people have extra guests at Christmas which can cause problems with seating arrangements A flexible extending dining table offers the ideal solution for these occasions. Sliding tops and extra leaves allow easy extension and once dinner is over the extra leaves can easily be stored in the table until the next time they are needed.

Follow these top tips from Nathan on getting the most out of your dining room this Christmas:

It may sound simple but give your table a quick polish; youve invested in a beautiful wood product so show it off at its best
Make sure everyone can sit comfortably and get in and out easily with plenty of space around the table. 

Protect it ......... Make sure your table stays looking in tip top condition by protecting the wood with stylish coasters and placemats. Add these to your Christmas list if you dont have enough

Decorate it ..... choose a theme for your table and get creative Whether you choose cool and contemporary or go for a traditional look use your imagination. You could tie in your Christmas table with the decor of the room or use your Christmas tree for inspiration and tie in with that. However dont go mad a few choice pieces will have more impact than lots of clutter.

Make your guests feel special with individual place cards, you could get the kids involved in making and decorating these.

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