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Shades of Inspiration

Shades of Inspiration

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are interested in homes, interiors and classic design. Every home has a story to tell, and part of the fun of renovating a period property or re-designing your home, is to enable you and your family to live in it in the happiest, most functional way. The colours, furniture, layout and technology you select being in essence the first step in curating that story.

Nathan interiors stylist, Victoria Alderson shares her tips and insight for planning a home re-design project:

“This year we’ve all had to spend so much time in our homes that it has brought their feel and functionality into a sharp focus, putting areas that ‘aren’t working well for us’ under the spotlight. As a result, the key interiors trends for winter 2020 – due in part of us all living and working together much more – are focused on the places we love to relax, along with the places and spaces we can potentially home-school and home-work.

“Colours coming out on top for enhancing relaxing spaces are darker, channelling deep greens and bold blacks accented with blush pink, orange and mustard. Monochrome is another hot new colour scheme for the season as well. Dining tables are also back, especially extending ones which offer several versatile incarnations from ‘home school classroom’ to enabling the whole family to come together for a convivial dinner.

“My mantra is always to buy once and buy the best. Compromising can often lead to heart ache and wasted money. By choosing classic pieces, you essentially can’t go wrong as such furniture is carefully designed to stand up against modern furniture in a contemporary setting and also blends in perfectly with period pieces. Nathan’s Shades range of furniture, with 18 hardworking, complimentary pieces including seven dining tables in oak or teak, is an unobtrusive yet beautifully crafted range of furniture and the perfect place to start your search for that ‘investment’ piece.

“Also, why not think about mixing classic furniture with really modern accent pieces, such as those from the iconic mid-century range by John and Sylvia Reid or from Palma, both also by Nathan. Palma harnesses a minimalist, pared down industrial style thanks to its angular high grade teak panels and antique metal work detailing, which is the perfect canvas for boisterous family life.”

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