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Tectona Grandis

Tectona Grandis

Tectona Grandis, otherwise known as teak is a prized hardwood deciduous tree naturally found in the Tropics.

It is has also become synonymous with the Nathan brand and its legacy of progressive yet elegant furniture design. Following its creation by Patrick Lee in 1971, the distinctive ‘cruciform door’ has become an icon of the Nathan portfolio. Taking inspiration from panelled Jacobean furniture, Lee simplified the idea to a stylish cross, crafting the design in a hardwood frame with warm, golden teak veneers. An instant hit amongst interior enthusiasts, the unique design has remained a best seller ever since.

“The secret to the longstanding success of the cruciform door is the quality of the teak veneers we use,” reveals Quality Assurance Manager, Kevin Arrantash. “If a piece of furniture were created in solid teak it would twist and warp because of the moisture and temperature variations in people’s homes. Yet, using traditional techniques of a hardwood frame and high quality veneers – which Nathan is renowned for, not only beautifully frames the individual panels, but shows this rich, tightly structured timber off to best effect by creating entirely uniform and matching doors, drawer fronts and table tops.

“Because the veneers of every piece of furniture are taken from what we call a single ‘flitch’ it means that all the doors on a Classic sideboard or unit, are not only perfectly matched creating a faultlessly symmetrical piece of furniture, but are also absolutely unique.”

A further reason that Nathan Teak originals like the Classic range continue to reign is that teak does not need to be stained or colour corrected, just simply protected with a lacquer, making it incredibly easy to look after. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all that’s required to keep teak looking good and since its golden colours will mellow and lighten gracefully over time, remember to periodically move ornaments around.

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